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Weekend “Monday Morning/Monongah, WV”

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Weekend are a three-piece from San Francisco who synthesize their oft-cited influcences (The Cure, Joy Division, Psychocandy, My Bloody Valentine) in a much more emotionally resonant way than most of their noise-punk peers. The raging squalls of guitar screech over (or under?) pulsing, melodic basslines and steady drumbeats, while barely-decipherable vocals move dreamily around the space. Think No Age with more melody, or Joy Division with more noise. Lots more noise. This video showcases two of the highlights from their new debut LP, Sports, the mesmerizing “Monday Morning” and it’s rocker counterpart “Monongah, WV” as the soundtrack for a scenes of suburban summer, utterly pristine–until the mud strikes.


“Monday Morning/Monongah, WV” Video

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