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Artist Spotlight Series

Artist Profiles

Lone Fir Cemetery

Lone Fir Cemetery is the project of Miles Cottrill, who fronts the three piece alternative rock from Portland, OR, which is now based in LA. “Meet Your Antagonist,” LFC’s debut album, is a concept piece told in a series of four chapters that was released in the summer of 2023. Through their emotion-filled interactive performances, they’ve built a small, but growing dedicated fan base in their hometown DIY scene in Portland. Following a series of lineup changes since the time of the band’s conception, Miles is now joined by Liam Sampson on drums and Lucas Donovan on bass. They plan to record their sophomore album and go on their first PNW tour this Summer 2024.

Lucas Soar

“Lucas Soar” is a musical project by Soren Covell that started around 2019. Starting off as a bass player, Lucas Soar began producing music at age 14, eventually leading him to create his own songs. He released his debut album in November of 2023 titled “NOCTURNAL GLAM,” combing elements of cloud rap with bedroom pop.

Jake Trust

I am a multi-instrumentalist in the alt rock/punk rock genre. I have been playing the drums for over 10 years, guitar and piano for over 2, and bass for over 3. I specialize in edgy forms of vocals such as scream vocals. I a trained in both vocal fry and false chord styles of scream vocals. I am also trained in classical vocals and I am a bass vocal range. I have been songwriting for 10 years and have been a instrumentalist and songwriter in multiple alt rock/ punk rock bands throughout my life, but now am focusing on pursuing a solo project in that genre.

Jane Street

Jane Street is a punk/alternative rock band grown out of a dorm room on Occidental campus, dedicated to and continued for our collective love of music. We were strongly inspired in the beginning by the lack of community on campus for musicians, and playing together has turned into an outlet for the four of us to practice and challenge each other creatively. People may remember Jane Street in the past as a loud performance, but our taste has recently evolved to more delicate alternative rock with some punk roots shining through. Through all our phases we have loved to see our friends in the crowd supporting us, dancing and enjoying themselves. As we lead up to the end of an era before our bassist goes abroad to Argentina, we are excited to release our first album, coming soon!

Members: Eleanor Jeansonne, Maya Watanabe, Gabriel Morton, and Luca Nisemblat

Is There Weed in Santa Clarita

Is There Weed in Santa Clarita is an Indie-Groove quintet from Highland Park California. Formed in 2023, Is There Weed in Santa Clarita’s music is a kaleidoscope of sonic textures, seamlessly blending intricate grooves, indie sensibilities, bluesy undertones, and a touch of post-punk edginess. Their performances are not mere recitals but immersive experiences, inviting the audience into a world where boundaries blur and genres intertwine.

Members: Matan Birnbaum, Lucas Donovan, Miles Cottrill, Zach Power, and Luca Nisimblat.

Sole Revival

From shared musical passion and a love for jazz, funk, and everything in between, our band came together. We got together one day to jam together, and the rest formed by itself. Get ready to groove with us as we blend melodies and rhythm together this summer for a couple of our original tunes. Alessandra Nefedenkova plays the alto sax, Sam Hjelmeset is on keys, Liam Sampson on drums, and Tai Huang is our guitarist.

spirit foul

Oh hey y’all. We are spirit foul and we’re bring classic liberal-arts-indie-band back. While we all range in the specific music we listen to, all of it comes together uniquely to create a blend of modern indie rock merged with our energetic stage presence.

Members: Lily Pesikoff, Soren Covell, Nate Pittroff, and Eli Kramer.

Zona Smile

Welcome to the Smile Zone! We met at Oxy and write alternative R&B music, but we like to play anything that has groove 🙂 Keep an eye out around campus for our pet traffic cone, and stay tuned for our first EP that we are currently recording!

Members: Clare Kennerly (vox/keys), Leslie Garcia (saxophone), Henry Miller (guitar), Isaac Ramirez (bass), and Ryan Gero (drums).