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It has been a great semester for us here at Occidental, what with Ceremony, Titus Andronicus, and locals Manhattan Murder Mystery… nothing short of spectacular.  Fortunately enough for us, the never-ending punk semester is not going to end without a bang.  Or another bang, because Titus and Ceremony were f’ing rad.

My friends, the radness must not end now.  This November 30th we at KOXY are bringing to you another show to rock the ages.  Two local up-and-coming bands that are currently dominating the LA scene (IMO) are coming here, to the Cooler, to blow your f’ing mind.

First up:  Luna Is Honey, self-described as “My Bloody Valentine covering Prince in the stars.”  Accurate enough, as their music is the audio equivalent of taking an ice-cream bubble bath on the moon, on smack.

Next up:  Bastidas!, or the coolest jungle-punk noise act you’ve ever seen.  Think surf-rock, but you don’t know how to surf, you’re on LSD, and a great white shark is ripping your body to shreds.

I love these bands.  I first saw them at the Smell a few months ago, and fell in love.  I know you will love them too, even if you think they’re too loud.  Come to the Cooler on Friday the 30th, and be blown away by what LA punk has to offer these days.


Luna Is Honey – ¿CUÁL ES LUNA?



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