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Milo Takes Baths

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As a teaser for this album, Milo put his new mix tape cover out and told a short anecdote of a “challenger approaching” him to battle…as if his bubble bath was threatening. Full of street cred. Full of danger. Who knows what’s underneath those suds. Rap skills.

Anyway, earlier this week, Milo released his second mix tape, called “Milo Takes Baths.” It’s Milo, rapping, over Baths. Successfully. Nerdily. Beautifully. You’ve always wanted LOTR, World of Warcraft, and Mean Girls references together in one place. This guy does it in pure style.

Check this mix tape out here. Check out his first mix tape, released in the beginning of November, called “I Wish My Brother Rob was Here,” to make sure you know where this nerd-rap got its fame and notoriety.

Follow the dude on social networks too. He writes enough rhymes about his facebook and tumblr, might as well be a part of his next song.


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