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KOXY DJ of the Week: Cléo Charpantier

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KOXY is proud to have a community of DJs bringing a wide variety of radio shows every semester. Every week we’ll be featuring a DJ as they share with us more about themselves! 

Show Name: GirlTalk!

Class Year: 2019

Major: Philosophy Major, Econ Minor

GirlTalk! is my radio show on which I interviews cool girls and women and womxn folk from Oxy and beyond about feminism, femininity, and most importantly friendships! I’ve interviewed both friends from Oxy and friends from home, and both friends of mine about our relationship and pairs of friends about theirs. I came up with the name and the show after watching a Nina Simone documentary in which she says: “We never talked about men or clothes. It was always Marx, Lenin, and revolution – real girl’s talk”. I wanted to create a space to have some of those same real girl’s talks. Asking about feminism and how it plays a role in people’s lives always leads to interesting real girl’s talk.

Why did you join KOXY? KOXY is such a cool group of people and events that I always wanted to join, and was glad to come up with something worthwhile to center a show around! And the booth is such a nice place, all I really wanted was an excuse to hang out there once a week.

What do you like most about KOXY? My favorite part about my show is giving a space for celebrating strong friendships, which I think is an undervalued relationship in a society focused on romantic love. There have been some lovely times in the booth, where friends really open up about what they love in the other, why they first wanted to be their friend, or their favorite memory with them. I love seeing that happen. Its really nice to have a space to sit and talk with friends for an hour; it gives room for things that wouldn’t come up in different contexts to come up naturally. And everyone always mentions their mom, which is always very sweet.
When it comes to KOXY in general though, I LOVE dancing at the concerts in sycamore glenn with friends!

Current music favorites: My most played songs recently are Fear & Force by Vagabon, Seattle Party by Chastity Belt, Shut Up and Kiss Me by Angel Oslen, and Edge of Town by Middle Kids.

Be sure to tune into Girltalk! Wednesday’s at 9 PM

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