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Go-To Songs of 2012

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I tend to find songs that I like and latch onto them like a gila monster with lockjaw. Much of what I listen to over the course of any given year is played into the ground until I’m so tired of it I won’t listen to it for a couple of years. However, there are the occasional gems that I seem to never get tired of listening to. The songs that get played when I go into my music library and can’t find something else. A good number of these weren’t released in 2012, but I listened to them primarily this year, so that counts for something.

Anyways, without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my go-to songs for 2012:

The fox, The crow, and The cookie
I love songs that tell a story, and even though this song (and album) is kinda uncharacteristic of mewithoutyou’s style, I love it all the same.

Probably the most pleasant and palatable thing on my list. If you do nothing else your entire life, listen to this band. They will probably always be my favorite band, because the lead singer’s name is Bear. I saw them live last spring, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

The Head and the Heart
Rivers and Roads
Chills. Everywhere. All over the floor. This song makes me explode. Dat harmonyyy

I can’t get enough of Macklemore. Good rapper, seems like a decent guy. I’m stoked he’s starting to get more recognition.

Ozark Empire (Or a Snake Oil Salesman Comes To Your Town)
Spoken word/Hip hop done by a man from Arkansas that sounds like he’s going insane. Accompanied by a bearded man banging on a washing machine with a wooden baseball bat. Essentially, my definition of perfection. Saw these guys live too, they were really cool and down-to-earth. Their newer stuff is less hip-hop, more chill spoken word, and I like that too.

The Chariot
David De La Hoz
Cool music video. The music is probably not to most people’s taste- It’s like abstract math-hardcore. It just kinda sounds like someone going insane, but I’m into that. Featuring Dan Smith of Listener.

La Dispute
Harder Harmonies
I think it’s technically post-hardcore? I don’t even know. It’s like yelled/screamed spoken word over prog-rock. I love these guys though, went and saw them live, it might be my best show of 2012. The crowd and the band were in complete sync with each other, it was beautiful.

Seven Nation Army
I Believe in a Thing Called Love
They do great covers. their original stuff is good too, but their covers are phenomenal. I’m including two, ’cause they deserve it.

Have a great 2013, I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!


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