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Kristoff Krane Tracks and Tour

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Kristoff Krane, an independent rapper/spoken word artist/guitarist/producer/nice guy coming out of the Twin Cities is releasing all types of cool stuff right now. Check out a newly released freestyle or two from his European tour this summer with Sadistik. But what’s more, is right now (and right now only) you can download his whole “Hunting for Father” album here. And when you do that, listen to “My Coffin.” It’s a track that will make you love this guy and want to tell all your friends about him.

He’s going to be in Southern California (and Northern, if the bay area seems like a cooler idea) at the end of this month. I would HIGHLY recommend checking him out live. There’s something super personal and loving about his shows, and they won’t disappoint. Not to mention No Bird Sing is a wonderful crew of musicians as well. This is probably not something to overlook if you fancy yourself liking rap, jazz, acoustic, or soulful music in any way.

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