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KOXY DJ of the Week: Dahlia Theriault

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KOXY is proud to have a community of DJs bringing a wide variety of radio shows every semester. Every week we’ll be featuring a DJ as they share with us more about themselves! 

Show Name: The Shook Shack

Class Year: 2020

Major: Visual Art

On my show me and my co-host Claire Taghiof talk about whatever we want, however we want, with whoever we want. Every show we talk about different things going on in our lives and on campus and we choose a new theme every week to center our show around. We also play music that aligns with the theme and pack our show with funny and insightful commentary.

Why did you join KOXY?: I joined KOXY because I thought it would be cool to have my own show where I could be in charge of something people could enjoy listening to. I also did it to have fun with my friends and to hopefully gain a show that people would take about.

What do you like most about KOXY?: I like how all-inclusive it is, so that everyone can create their own special shows that reflect their personalities and how KOXY creates a community within the shows themselves. It’s also a fun way to relax and hang out between classes.

Current music favorites: ABBA, Fleet Foxes, The Growlers, The Buttertones, and Dr. Dog

Be sure to tune into Dahlia’s show Tuesday’s at 1 PM on KOXY!

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