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Kisses, Kisses and more Kisses

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If you were mesmerized by Kisses’ exquisite performance last saturday at Weingart patio and as a result have developed an appetite for their brand of hazy disco-pop then make sure you take some notes on the following info.

Their debut album entitled The Heart of the Nightlife just dropped this week on This Is Music records.  The album was recorded in frontman Jesse Kivel’s garage over the course of a month.  Heart Of The Nightlife strives to evoke and amplify a range of emotions that dabble with themes of escapism from our daily humdrum reality. Upon hearing the album, it is no secret that the it is deeply influenced by music of the late 70’s and early 80’s as evidenced by its hi-pitched Disco synths, New Wave  guitars and balaeric beats.  But by no means are Kisses simply repackaging past styles of music for the blog era audience.  Kisses re-articulate their influences in a chillwave-esque medium in order to bring about that warm glow you feel when you’re having a pleasant daydream.

The Heart of the Nightlife
(This Is Music)
Street Date: Nov. 16, 2010

1. Kisses
2. Bermuda
3. People Can Do The Most Amazing Things
4. On The Move
5. The Heart Of The Nightlife
6. Lovers
7. A Weekend In Brooklyn
8. Midnight Lover
9. Women Of The Club

Tour Dates:
12/04 Mondrian, Los Angeles CA (DJ Set) w/ Jen Lekman
01/14 University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Check out a remix of their self-titled track by dj/producer Electric Sunset
Kisses (Electric Sunset Remix)

Lastly to fulfill your visual need for Kisses here is the music video for the title track “Kisses”

Kisses – Kisses from Kisses on Vimeo.

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