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Dear world,

We’ve had a kickass year here at KOXY. Endless thanks to Hip Hatchet, Titus Andronicus, Ceremony, Le Cos, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Bastidas!, Luna Is Honey, The Silver Lake Chorus, !!!, Vice Cooler, Teenage Sweater, Aftergloam, Kristoff Krane, Peaceful Antelopus, Rounak Maiti, Warmm, Campus Security, Simian Pillage, Airborn, The Shifty Wumbologists, Captain Crabby & The Crabcakes, Kainoa King, ibid., Nina Carlin, 420 Dank Crew, DJ Griff Carter, CMTGTH;TATQ, Tyler Ollanik, and D R A G O O N for playing KOXY events this year. And endlesser thanks to everyone who came out to our shows, helped us set up, spread the word about any of our events, listened to our station, put our stickers or tats on their shit or themselves, wore our shirts, said our name. We love you all.

Until next year,


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