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DJ Spotlight

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The DJ Spotlight is a once weekly interview with a KOXY DJ so that the campus gets a better sense for who’s playing the music they should be listening to. Our first DJ spotlight is on freshman Eric Abramian (pictured).


Soraya Sebghati: What’s your show called?

Eric Abramian: The name of my show is “City Stop.” I chose that name because it’s [the show] is very urban-themed. Like, it’s stuff that you hear on TV shows and movies that take place in metropolitan areas like New York City or Los Angeles. It’s very much city-oriented alternative, electronic music.

SS: Describe your show in three words.

EA: Eccentric, schoolboy, indie.

SS: What made you want a radio show in the first place?

EA: Well, I’ve always made good playlists for my friends and family, so I thought it would be cool to share that with everone…

SS: Do you post the playlists anywhere? Like on a blog or Spotify?

EA: I don’t, actually.

SS: Ah, you should start! So, what are three things you can’t stop listening to lately?

EA: I love the new Arctic Monkeys album; it’s amazing. What else do I play a lot of?   Also, Filthy Youth and MS MR.

SS: What is your least favorite band or genre? Like, something you can’t stand?

EA: Country.

SS: If you could pick any band to play at school for a KOXY show, what would you pick?

EA: Does it have to be doable?

SS: Just dream big. Your wildest dreams.

EA: I would like to see Ellie Goulding.

SS: So now here are some “versus” questions…Florence Welch or Adele?

EA: Adele.

SS: St. Vincent or Feist?

EA: They’re both so good! Um…Feist.

SS: Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga?

EA: Lady Gaga.

SS: Kendrick Lamar or Drake?

EA: Drake.

SS: Word association. Lana del Rey:

EA: Llama.

SS: Versace.

EA: Your [Facebook] status [from the other day].

SS: Music.

EA: Guitar.


EA: Orange.


EA: Green Bean.

Be sure to listen to his show, Citystop, on Tuesdays from 6PM-7PM!

If you’re a KOXY DJ and would be interested in having a Spotlight interview, contact Soraya Sebghati (

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