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Crystal Castles and Robert Smith – Not In Love

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In what seems like a slightly bizarre collaboration, Crystal Castles (CC) have teamed up with the lead singer from The Cure, Robert Smith, to release ‘Not In Love.’ Originally a song by Platinum Blonde, Crystal Castles first featured this track on their album ‘Crystal Castles’ with Ethan Kath on vocals. The new version with Smith takes what was a fairly minimalist version and have turned it into a heavy club track.

I am really not sure about this track. I love it and hate it in almost equal measures. The song fits the vocals of Smith perfectly but the chorus is too heavy and I always seem to be turing it down whenever it gets to this part of the song.  It’s an absolutely top notch club track but I’m not sure about hearing it away from the dance floor. However, its turned into a bit of a guilty pleasure. I know it makes me a bit angry everytime I get to the chorus but that doesn’t stop me listening to it. Whether that in itself makes it a good track, I don’t know but it means its probably going to be very successful! I’ve put links to all three versions mentioned below – have a listen and comment what you think!

Click here to hear the original by Platinum Blonde
Click here for Crystal Castles and Ethan Kath version
Click here for Crystal Castles and Robert Smith version.

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