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Upcoming Events: March 2014

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Faithful KOXY listeners and lovers: we’ve got a busy month ahead of us. Therefore you should never feel bored because we’ve got plenty of stuff going on.

Saturday, March 22, 2-4PM: OXYLYMPICS!! Programming Board presents Oxy’s very own Olympics. Located in the Greek Bowl, there will be a decathlon of events for a few different prizes. Why are we talking about it?? We’re DJing! Go compete or spectate, and get excited about the fresh tuneage that we’ll be providing.

10:30PM-1:30AM: ASOC Senate is hosting an after-hours Dance Pro after party in Sycamore Glen. A bunch of student DJs will be showcasing their stuff with some help from KOXY. After watching everyone dance, come get down with us.

Friday, March 28, 8PM-???!?: Groove at the Glen is back with a bag of new tricks to guarantee a rowdy night of good, clean fun. Held in Sycamore Glen, as usual, there will be music, art projects, and PIZZA. Come early for the pizza, guys. And stay late for the rad music! Starting at 9PM, we’ll have student band (featuring some of our staff), Campus Security, tearing it down like a groovy beach party. At 10PM, we’ve got Moonlight Trio, a “cumbia-billy” (yes, a hybrid of Cumbia and Rockabilly) band that won’t disappoint. To end it all, we’ve got student DJ act Hotel Garuda to ensure that everyone will dance until they can’t anymore…or until Campo shuts us down (which they shouldn’t). Come ready to munch delicious pizza and boogie for an eternity.

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