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The DJ Wars

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A storm is brewing. Or has been brewed. Or maybe it’s been brewed, sugared, milked, twirled and drank, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t follow it that close. What I do know is that it’s hilarious.

Guilty Pleasure of mine: I prefer Skrillex
Pictured: The most important thing of our time.

I’m talking about just what the hell DJ’s are doing onstage at big EDM concerts. Is Skrillex really making anything new up there? Is Deadmau5 just banging his massive head to a pre-recorded set? And how does Daft Punk do anything out of those helmets? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get some very different answers.

About two months ago, Deadmau5 posted on his personal blog with a post entitled “We All Hit Play,” in which he says pretty much you’d expect from the title. All DJs are just going up there basically hitting play.

And so there was much anger and gnashing of teeth, and elaborate costumes were ripped in anguish.

Just kidding – mostly a bunch of people got really SERIOUS on the internet, and it’s always funny when that happens. Here’s a counterpost by another DJ, basically saying the opposite of what Deadmau5 did. Some of them may just press play, but many more are doing new things up there live. At least, that’s what he says.

I’m personally pretty sure there’s a gradient that individual artists ride along at different points depending on what they want to do. But I’m no DJ. I’ll just leave you off with an example of one guy who definitely isn’t just pressing play.

MC Xander, anyone? (I should just do a whole post on this guy. God he’s awesome. Just watch it. It’s 8 minutes of your life that’s worth giving up to see how amazing he is.)

(Image credit to one “Nyancaticusprime” of the internet.)

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