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New Music is the Best Music

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Two new releases for your consideration:

The first is Andrew Bird’s new album “Break It Yourself.” If you know about Andrew Bird, you will like this album. If you don’t know about Andrew Bird, you will go listen to his music and you will like this album. Bird continues to hone his looping, layered sound on the album, and it’s really working. He plays like, all of the instruments, and when they all happen at once, there are some pretty amazing outcomes. Check out his work. Also watch this TED presentation he gave, just to understand really how talented he is.

The second is the upcoming release from Alabama Shakes. The upcoming debut release. I emphasize that because this album does not sound like a debut in any way. It sounds like the well-refined work of a bunch of rock veterans. Nope. This is square one. This album is really remarkable. Alabama Shakes generated a huge buzz at SXSW in March, and this album is looking like one of the most anticipated albums yet this year. It’s big bluesy rock from people that are serious about musical innovation. It’s really tough to describe these songs. Just go listen. NPR is streaming the album here this week. The album is set to be released April 10.


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