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Listen: Sadistik ft. Spoonfull

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This track, produced by Kid Called Computer, has made a big splash in the world of underground hip-hop this weekend. Sadistik, who has toured with artists like Eyedea & Abilities, Kristoff Krane, and others, has made a pretty good name for himself in this underground world. This is a free track Sadistik just released.

The real noteworthy thing about this song isn’t Sadistik though. It’s the first verse. It’s Spoonfull. Hailing from Virginia, Spoonfull carries on his presence in underground hip-hop, despite the fact that he’s only a weekend warrior these days. And when I say he is carrying on his presence, I mean he is reasserting himself as an extremely talented writer and rapper. It had been awhile since anyone had heard new music from Spoonfull, but with this track and the recent [free!] release of a bunch of new songs, he seems to be back and bigger than ever.

Check out “Upon the Surface”, Sadistik feat. Spoonfull:

And check out more music from Spoonfull on his facebook and myspace. You can also download “Upon the Surface” here.

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