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Free Mondays from Eyedea

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Last week I wrote about how Atmosphere is still alive, but sadly, I can’t say the same for the artist I’m writing about today. Michael Larsen, known in the music world as Eyedea and renown for his prominent work in Eyedea & Abilities, passed away last October, leaving an infinitely black gaping hole in the world of underground hip-hop.

Major credit goes to Eyedea’s family and close friends though, for updating his social networking websites and letting the thousands of mourning fans know that none of them were missing Eyedea alone. Beginning last week, Eyedea’s best friend and former DJ, Abilities, decided to brighten the loss of his closest friend. Abilities, along with the support of Eyedea’s family and the Rhymesayers camp, started something called “Free Mondays,” which aimed to give Eyedea fans a free and previously unreleased track every Monday morning.

It goes without saying that Eyedea was a hugely talented man, winning slams and rap battles in his teenage years and performing with a major indie rap label by the time he was eighteen. From his work as Eyedea & Abilities, to his work as rock group Carbon Carousel, Face Candy, and alter ego Oliver Hart, Michael Larsen changed the indie music world for the better. Although these tracks coming out of the Free Monday series were largely songs and sessions recorded with friends and never meant to be released by Eyedea, I think all of his genius should be available to listeners. From start to finish, Eyedea’s catalogue blows other rappers and musicians far, far away.

You can (and absolutely should) check out the Free Monday music, which you can get off of Michael’s bandcamp page here. Stay updated on other releases and news from DJ Abilities on the Eyedea & Abilities facebook page too.

One other thing to emphasize, since this is a college radio blog: this stuff is free. Check it.

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