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DJ Spotlight Week 2

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The DJ Spotlight is a once weekly interview with a KOXY DJ so that the campus gets a better sense for who’s playing the music they should be listening to. This week’s spotlight is on freshman Matt O’Connell (pictured).


SS: What’s your show called and explain why you chose to call it what you did

MO: It’s called “Calm Down” and I called it that because it’s just sort of the definitive statement of what that music taste is…it’s just sort of relaxing, calming music that’s just supposed to help you calm down. It’s like a command, essentially.

SS: Describe your show in three words.

MO: Fluid, chill, present.

SS: Why did you want a radio show in the first place?

MO: I had always been complimented on my music taste, and that was really nice, so I figured it’d be interesting once I got to college to be able to express myself like that, but then also, I thought if I would be able to do something with it, not just have a radio show where it’s just me talking and then playing a ton of songs and having it be kind of eclectic, I wanted it to have like, a specific theme…something that people could go to if they needed something.

SS: So do you like, save the playlists and post them on Spotify or a website or something?

MO: I do, yeah. That’s how I make the playlists. I compiled like, a hundred songs in one Spotify playlist and I just made each episode from songs on the playlist. I haven’t actually needed to reuse any songs yet, which is good. I would make playlists for friends too, and figured having a show would be something nice to try.

SS: What are your three favorite bands/albums/songs that you just can’t stop listening to lately?

MO: I keep listening to “Now Now” by St. Vincent. There’s the Cathedral Sessions from Grizzly Bear where they played in a cemetery for Pitchfork…the sessions are on Youtube. There’s a song by the Besnard Lakes called “Albatross” that I think is very good. It’s like if Beach Boys mixed with My Bloody Valentine.

SS: What’s your least favorite genre?

MO: I feel like everybody’s going to say country…I also can’t really get down with heavy metal either. But then I still like Nine Inch Nails. I think industrial is fine.

SS: Who would be your dream KOXY performer?

MO: Grizzly Bear would be a lot of fun, they’re great live.

SS: Toro Y Moi or Washed Out?

MO: That’s a tough one, oh man. I think I have to go with Toro Y Moi.

SS: White Stripes or Black Keys?

MO: White Stripes.

SS: Coffee or tea?

MO: Tea.

SS: Coke or Pepsi?

MO: Coke.

SS: Word association: Thom Yorke.

MO: Innovator.

SS: Chill.

MO: Wave.


MO: Fun.

SS: Portlandia.

MO: Bird.

Be sure to listen to his show, Calm Down, at 11:30PM on Sundays.

If you’re a KOXY DJ and would be interested in having a Spotlight interview, contact Soraya Sebghati (

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